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Avigilon_H4_Multisensor_Camera_Line Card IconAvigilon H4 Multisensor Camera LineTop of Page

The H4 Multisensor camera line combines Avigilon self-learning video analytics with exceptional coverage, featuring 3 or 4 individually configurable camera sensors that can be positioned to monitor virtually any area.

Avigilon_Appearance_Search_Technology Card IconAvigilon Appearance Search TechnologyTop of Page

Avigilon Appearance Search video analytics technology is a sophisticated deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) search engine for video.  It sorts through hours of video with ease, to quickly locate a specific person or vehicle of interest across an entire site.
Avigilon Appearance Search technology can dramatically improve incident response time and enhance forensic investigations by allowing operators to build robust video evidence and create a powerful narrative of events.

Avigilon_Access_Control_Manager_System Card IconAvigilon Access Control Manager SystemTop of Page

The Access Control Manager (ACM) system is an IT-friendly Physical Access Control System (PACS) for enterprise-class installations.  It's a complete solution that is designed to help you focus on securing your people, property and assets, while giving you the flexibility to respond to alerts wherever you are.

Wireless_Lock_Integration_from_Avigilon Card IconWireless Lock Integration from AvigilonTop of Page

The Avigilon Access Control Manager (ACM) system introduces wireless lock integration that takes one of the most simplified access platforms in the industry to a new realm of all-in-one solutions that scale to meet the needs of most global applications.  Derived from 100 percent browser-based Linux platform that can be managed from virtually any location and device with a browser and internet connection, the ACM system sets the stage by providing the benefits of a wired installation - without the complexity and cost that traditional wired locks present.

Cambridge_Sound_Qt_Conference_Room_Sound_Masking Card IconCambridge Sound Qt Conference Room Sound MaskingTop of Page

The Qt Conference Room Edition from Cambridge Sound Management is a cost-effective solution specifically designed to protect the speech and privacy of conversations in conference and board rooms.
The Qt Conference Room Edition consists of a control module, two lighted privacy signs, and a series of direct-field sound masking emitters.  When a room occupant turns on the control module inside of the conference room, it powers the sound masking emitters placed in the ceiling just outside of the conference room.  The emitters add a low level of background sound making human speech less intelligible.  Lighted privacy signs inside and outside of the conference room indicate the system is running, and let conference room occupants know their conversations are being protected.